A new look

at old problems

AURELIAN BIOTECH is a start-up of “inorganic agricultural biohacking” providing imaginable solutions to agricultural and livestock biology through mineral components of natural origin, in a simple and very economical way.

Obviously, soils, crops and livestock cannot carry out this biohacking by themselves, unless the owner or personnel in charge use AURELIAN BIOTECH technology for decontamination.

AURELIAN BIOTECH has had an international collaborative community since 2019 for the development of biohacking services focused mainly on agriculture and livestock, in the fight for climate change, and for the reduction of greenhouse gases.


The livestock sector is going to change as we knew it until today. The technological advance provided by BIAURELIAN® will make it possible to eliminate odors and soil and aquifer contamination.

Biohacking, made up of the words “biology” and “hacking”, is a practice whose purpose is to bring science closer to citizens; moving research laboratories to the garages or homes of the general public. Now, this practice takes a business leap offering solutions to unresolved problems and needs.


Why are we NECESSARY?

The main difference between slurry and other excrements is that the former have a low dry matter content. They are made up of dozens of polluting or environmentally harmful components, mainly presenting a significant excess of nitrate (NO3-) and phosphate (PO43-).

Both nitrogen and phosphorus are macronutrients, essential for plant life, so that their excess causes the uncontrolled proliferation of life, the eutrophication of water and a series of environmental and economic problems.


End of unwanted odors

The biosilica applied in the slurry makes odors disappear immediately and lastingly, reducing greenhouse gases by 80% on the farm, and ammonium nitrates that are so harmful to nature.

Goodbye to water pollution

Nitrates and phosphates are integrated into the silicon cells through their ionic exchange network and adsorption of polluting molecules.

Less gas emission in slurry drying plants

The separation between liquid and solid that we achieve, without mechanical means, reduces slurry drying by 80%, making the gas-dependent process cheaper and making slurry processing plants naturally viable.

Elimination of eutrophication in waters

La gran capacidad de adsorción natural, permite que los contaminantes de agua (Ej. Mar Menor) puedan ser descontaminadas / desnitrificadas, permitiendo devolver rápidamente a la biota a su estado natural, previo a la contaminación.

Mining decontamination and heavy metals

From soils with heavy metals, oxidation ponds and other residues, (eg Vía de la Plata Mining), allowing the soil to be returned to arable land, or its afforestation.

Aurelian Biotech AURELIAN develops other inorganic solutions with beneficial contents and helps catalytic processes, with the capacity to stimulate the biota, ecosystem or natural environment enough to reestablish the beneficial environment of water, soil, livestock, agriculture, aquaculture and even industries , home and pets.

Disruption: Climate Change & Biaurelian

The evaluation of greenhouse gases and their mitigation potential involves management and consumption reduction, although it is easier to work to catalyze emissions with natural practices that can drastically modify the contribution scenario without need for productive cuts of animal protein.

servicio de desnitrificación

Inorganic Biohacking: Biotechnological Silicas

A decade of biogeological experience has resulted in more than 120 minerals (mainly aluminosilicates) with biotechnological potential in agriculture and livestock, which will allow AURELIAN BIOTECH to provide definitive solutions to agricultural structural problems, such as for example, the contamination produced by intensive farming, and its effect on water and fields.


AURELIAN BIOTECH launches in 2023 the first global service for greenhouse gases, nitrates, odors and heavy metals on farms; fighting against climate change, ensuring the industrial life of livestock, improving the quality of life of livestock herds and people in general.
Disruption is served!

Félix Navarro – Biohacker Aurelian Biotech